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 reupholstering my center console 
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Post reupholstering my center console
im trying to reupholstering my center console but i have absolutely no idea how to do it, i have the peaces of material and the center console out of the car... as an added note i have no idea how to make the pics smaller, just took them on my iPhone

IMG_0665.JPG [ 631.62 KB | Viewed 1053 times ]
IMG_0664.JPG [ 735.75 KB | Viewed 1053 times ]
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Sat May 22, 2010 3:34 pm
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Post Re: reupholstering my center console
Find a picture of one done in Leather. You need to figure out how the seams follow the contours. Use 3M Spray Adhesive. The strongest stuff you can buy. You'll spray both pieces and give it I believe 30 minutes to get tacky. Make sure you know how this piece will lie, as once you touch both pieces together, it's where is will stay.

Slow and patience on this and it will come out awesome!

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Sat May 22, 2010 10:58 pm
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Post Re: reupholstering my center console
Well, I'm not sure if you did the upgrade yet, but, thought I'd toss in my 2c, for what it's worth...

I too, did my center console in leather. Was a bit tedious, and took a while to try and get everything just right.

I had purchased a newer console for my 84', (one that wasn't broken & missing pieces), and it would be the one I would re-cover with the leather...I started by prepping the console by using a vinyl cleaner (something to take off all the years of Armor All buildup), and then took some medium grade sandpaper, and roughed up the console pretty good (inside edges, too!). You want the adhesive & leather to grip the best it can.

I laid the leather & console in the hot sun for about an hour to get the leather as pliable as possible...(then, after an hour of praying to the Adhesive Gods) I sprayed both leather & console with 3M Heavy Duty Contact Adhesive...waited as per instructions on can's the hard part.....Getting the seams lined up the best you can to contour the lines of the console. You literally have seconds to mess with contact adhesive, so, you have to make every second count! Because, once you lay the leather on that console...well.....

Also, have a very sharp Exacto knife handy, or razor blade, for trimming holes, and trimming excess leather. BUT, don't trim too much, because you do want some extra leather to wrap inside radio area, clock area, vents, etc etc I also used a few staples for the inside edges, just to make sure the leather would stay put.

Now, to be honest, my job wasn't 100% perfect, (I'm not a professional upholsterer) and I hit a couple snags along the way, came out pretty nice, it's a lot nicer than before, and really made a huge improvement on the interior's overall appearance. On a scale of 1-10, I'd say it's a solid "8". The hardest part was around the window switches, and the AC vents, so, keep that in mind when you're doing the job.

I don't have pics of every step I took, but, I can take more and post them. If you want a couple pics of what I did, I have a few on my website...just let me know, I'll post a link for ya'

Fri Mar 30, 2012 8:31 pm
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